Suport@ (Support to Teaching)


This project consists of monitoring teaching and offering the teachers of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) updated and relevant information about their classrooms / subjects through a series of indicators.

We will define dashboards that will present the values of the indicators in a contextualized and graphical way to facilitate usability and interpretation.

The inLab FIB takes care of taking the Datamart data from the UOC, processing it and obtaining the desired indicators in the appropriate format (JSON) so that they can be displayed correctly to the dashboard.

Specifically the transformation of data from Datamart to JSON will be done with the Spoon tool inside the suite Pentaho Data Integration - Community Edition.

Duration of the project 
June, 2017 to October, 2017
Funded by 
Amazon S3,
Pentaho Data Integration,
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 

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