Use of interactive response devices at Campus Nord


The objective of this project is to provide schools at campus nord with the technology necessary to introduce the use of interactive response devices in the teaching of classes. The project also intends its future integration in the Racó, Athena and its use as technological support for professors.

The FIB, the School of Telecommunications and the School of Civil Engineering have agreed to develop a pilot project using the technology the company Turning Technologies offers.

inLab FIB hosted a training session for all those professors interested in using interactive response devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops or remote controllers) in their classes in June 2012.

The use of these technologies in teaching is already being used in other universities around the world and it comes along with the following perks:

  • Better understanding of lectures.
  • Increased participation.
  • Enhanced collaborative learning.
  • Increased student’s fulfillment.
  • Immediate and global feedback.
  • Increased attendance and preparation of classes by students.
  • Objective data on the class or group is provided to professors.
  • Simpler gathering and subsequent analysis of student responses.

To evaluate the feasibility of using a Smartphones or similar devices in class, we ran a survey to all enrolled students enrolled through the Racó during the month of May 2012. 

We obtained a 25'93% of respondents (496 of a total of 1913 possible) and the results showed that 93.75% of the students would be able to use their own devices to answer made by professors in class.

The distribution of smartphones at the FIB in May 2012 is displayed in the following infographic.

Duration of the project 
May, 2012 - May, 2013
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 
inLab Team 

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