The UPC Search Engine


The UPC search engine is a unified system based on Google technology for the search and indexing of the content of the different sites of the UPC.

This inLab project unified the search, indexing and presentation of information for all the websites of the UPC using the Google Search Appliance.

Apart from the searches on all the websites of the UPC (more than a hundred when it implemented) there was a further development of features. Each center can now use it as a search engine on their websites, they can change its appearance and manage their own featured links. In addition, two onle-block modules were created to allow the look-up of builing and people in the University.

The UPC Search Engine project was designed to implement the Google Search Appliance (GSA in order to:

  • Improve the current search engine on the UPC website.
  • Integrate all the information in the UPC under the same indexing and search system, as a further step towards the integration of the different university websites.
  • Establish the definition of the architecture of the information resulting from the search, regardless of the GSA.
  • Provide a system that enables all the information on the UPC websites to be found in an efficient and effective way and that can index all the types of documents published on all UPC websites (HTML pages, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint formats, image files, etc.).
  • Provide departments in the UPC with a simple system for integrating web search on their websites, as well as the management of results taking into account that:
    • It should be accessible to a great number of users.
    • It has to be able to configured following the requirements of the UPC.
  • Integrate the search engine with corporate applications.
Duration of the project 
April, 2008 - December, 2010
Benefits for the client 
  • Searching of all UPC information. This information includes more than 300 websites and other data that can be found on the Intranets or in other types of information systems.
  • Performing this search in fast and efficient manner.
  • Easy integration of the new search engine into the different UPC web pages.
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 
  • Servei de Comunicació i Promoció (SCP) de la UPC
  • Servei de Biblioteques i Documentació (SBD) de la UPC
Articles and Presentations 
Google study case. Cercador UPC
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