UPC Roses. Sant Jordi Digital 2022


Generation of digital roses through artificial intelligence and computer science applied to art based on deep learning models.

The system starts with an image of a rose that it modifies and brings it closer to the artist's style and the text entered by the user. For each rose, a video is included to show how it was generated using intensive computation and complex calculations at high speed.

The project also allows you to view a gallery of all the roses that have been generated.

This project was commissioned by the Office of the Rector of the UPC, which organised the UPC's Sant Jordi Digital 2022, which, together with UPCArts, wanted to create a system to generate virtual roses with Artificial Intelligence.

This system has been developed by inLab FIB with the collaboration of the Communication Service of the UPC and UPCArts.

Here you can see how we've generated the roses:

Sant Jordi a la FIB(https://roses-inlab.fib.upc.edu/detalls/Antoni-Gaud%C3%AD_Yellow)

Antoni Gaudí - "Yellow"(https://roses-inlab.fib.upc.edu/detalls/Antoni-Gaud%C3%AD_Yellow)

Anna Manel·la - "La Charmander"(https://roses-inlab.fib.upc.edu/detalls/Anna-Manel%C2%B7La_charmander)

Escut del Barça(https://roses-inlab.fib.upc.edu/detalls/inLab_Bar%C3%A7a)

Banksy - "Fire"(https://roses-inlab.fib.upc.edu/detalls/Banksy_fire)

Duration of the project 
March, 2022 to April, 2022
Models de Deep Learning,
Areas of expertise involved in the project 

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