UOC Índex. Using Learning Analytics to measure eLearning


The aim of the project UOC Índex is to convert the data from the DataMart of the UOC’s eLearn Center into information that is valuable and easy to understand for the members of the UOC community.

A suggestion to do this is to create numerical or categorical indexes as simple elements for information transmission that can be accompanied by visual elements (e.g. depending on the number, it is painted one color or another, or they can be represented by means of graphics – for example a traffic light –).

These indexes will allow to know more easily how is the evolution inside UOC of the students, teaching collaborators, colleagues, courses and the own university. It is an opportunity to use learning analytics with the data from the DataMart of the UOC’s eLearn Center in an innovative and simple way for the final user.

inLab will develop the UOC Índex prototype, which will later be tested and checked by UOC consultants.

Duration of the project 
May, 2016 to September, 2016
Funded by 
  • Seidor

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