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The creation of Univers comes as a result of the interest the University has in contributing to those aspects in life involved in what we call development of university life. These aspects include strengthening and building relationships, learning from and living new experiences, encouraging own initiatives and participating in non-academic projects. Univers contributes by promoting culture, a healthy and sporty lifestyle, competition and involvement in the university community.

Ten years ago Univers started the Univers 2.0 project, a web-based communication and participation platform, using inLab’s services to design, build and run the website.

Since then and up until now inLab has been in charge of running and maintaining (SEM) the information system of Univers’ website.

Duration of the project 
December, 2002 to November, 2012
Benefits for the client 
  • Management tools of the main content:
    • Information content and space: space for generic content.
    • Highlights: space for highlighting important info and link to other sections.
    • Links: space for linking from a brief text or an image.
    • Images: space for images.
  • Participation tools:
    • Draws: space for generating a draw with different participation options (open question, poll, etc.) or for signing up to free activities.
    • Questions: space for users to ask and answer questions.
    • Web recommendation: space for users to see and recommend other websites.
    • Chat.
    • Forums.
  • Administration tool: allows to manage editors, generic parts of the website and submissions to the e-agenda.
  • Draw tools: we have generated an automatic waitlist and make data extraction via Excel available.
  • Entities module: automated process of data extraction from the entities module.
  • E-agenda: new submission formats.

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