TRILOGY: Future Internet Technology


TRILOGY was a multidisciplinary basic research project that was designed to address three specific subject areas: optical networks, audiovisual P2P services, and sensor networks. The study of these three areas comprises from physical aspects to new-generation Internet service.

The TRILOGY project had the objective to open new lines of research to make possible the evolution of the live streaming systems of the i2CAT Foundation into more standardized efficient systems, with more features, ready for the HD and 3D systems transmission and in line with the leading research on audiovisuals.

inLab FIB leaded the integration of the P2P Live Streaming system using a platform called CoolRuc, that had been developed in previous research projects. CoolRuc enhances research and integration of new modules to improve live streaming systems.

Seven research groups from three different universities collaborated in the TRILOGY project:

  • Optical Communications Group (GCO) of the UPC.
  • Optical Networks Group of BAMPLA (GXO - BAMPLA).
  • Network Technologies and Strategies Group (NeTS) of the UPF.
  • Audiovisual and Multimedia Technologies Group (TAM) of the URL.
  • The Computing Laboratory of the Barcelona School of Informatics (LCFIB) and the Laboratory of Information Modelling and Analysis (LIAM) research group.
  • BAMPLA Media Group (MEDIAENTEL – BAMPLA) of the UPC.
  • Wireless Networking Group (XSF) of the UPC.
Duration of the project 
October, 2007 to March, 2009
Benefits for the client 

Working with CoolRuc provides the following advantages:

  • Lower broadcasting cost: anyone can broadcast a channel.
  • Scalability: the system is self-scaling and self-organizing; data availability increases with the number of users.
  • Bandwidth requirements: the upload bandwidth of the nodes is shared.
  • Adaptation of quality: the video encoding module enables video quality to be adapted to the resources of your device.
Web Services,
Videoconferència H323
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 

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