Training Courses

Security Courses

inLab offers different plans in the field of computer security through which it is possible to achieve various security acreditations that accredit the knowledge and skills acquired in the various courses that conform each accreditation.

Accreditations are organized into two groups: cycle safety accreditations or type of architecture according to the scope of work of course.

Each accreditation consists of three courses where the necessary theoretical knowledge of the area are taught in detail. Courses include practical work based on real cases that are always under the supervision of highly qualified staff.

Senior Monitoring Accreditation
Senior Auditing Accreditation
Senior Forensics Accreditation
SIEM Expert
APT Expert
Reverse Engineering Expert
Critical Infraestructure Security Manager Accreditation
Mobile Monitoring Expert
Mobile Auditing Expert
Mobile Forensics Expert
Mobile Security Manager Accreditation
Network Security Manager Accreditation

In addition to training programs, all courses can be taken individually acording to the needs of the student.

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