tooPath: Free mobile device tracking system


inLab FIB (UPC Barcelona Tech) has developed the tooPath environment for tracking mobile devices with GPS. TooPath access is free.

This environment differs from other commercial environments because it is based on open source software and the use of free-access mapping data or user-owned mapping information (OpenStreetMap).

TooPath is one more initiative to provide free access to transversal ICT services.

TooPath is the first free tracking system made of 100% free and open source data and technologies. TooPath has been used to monitor and analyze the dynamic behavior of the trams in Barcelona. Mataro Water Services (Aigües de Mataró) ) is using tooPath for vehicle tracking and maintenance personnel of the water distribution network is using it to locate facilities in semi-urban environments. Alstom makes use of this technology for the supervision and tracking of trains.

The Cartographic Institute of Catalonia (Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya) has integrated tooPath into the Platform for Geo-Information Resources that provides services to all municipalities of Catalonia.


TooPath tracking system has been a key piece in the making of StratosEye, a research project carried out by Pol Rosset at Montserrat Roig secondary school in Terrasa. The objective of this project is to launch a capsule equipped with a camera and tracking devices in order to capture photos of the Earth from the stratosphere.

In particular, tooPath has been used to track the positioning of the capsule in real time and to save these positioning data in the cloud.

Here is a video with images of the final result of the project:


Duration of the project 
January, 2007 to December, 2012
  • Real-time display of the position of the device on OpenStreetMap. The position update time can be reduced to up to two seconds.
  • Unlimited number of devices. The user may select the devices he or she wishes to view on the map.
  • The map may display the history of routes.
  • Generation of reports and statistics in Web or PDF format. The reports include a graphical representation of the route, statistics of motion and statistics of stops.
  • The generation of reports is done using open standards (GeoRSS, GML, GPX), which allows integration with other external applications.
  • Download of the entire movements database in standard formats.
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