The GUAITA platform has as its main objective to keep the administrators of an IT infrastructure informed about the new vulnerabilities that occur on a daily basis to the operating systems, software and devices that make it up. Thanks to this constant monitoring, intrusions can be prevented in computer systems.

Multiple inventory options

The platform offers several methods of loading product inventory and infrastructure services as well as the ability to automatically scan through the network or by probes.


Updated daily

The platform uses public data sources to keep the vulnerability database updated.


Automated identification

Each new vulnerability is contrasted with the inventory to identify affected products. In the same way, if any element of the infrastructure is added or updated, it is contrasted against the database to determine if there is any known vulnerability.


Alerts and monitoring system

Alertes GUAITA

If a vulnerability is detected, an alert is generated automatically and a vulnerability monitoring page is created. This page includes extended information, affected products, possible published solutions, resolution time, etc.


Security overview



The tool shows an overview of the inventory status and the vulnerabilities that affect it. In addition, through the automated generation of reports, it is very easy to obtain the desired information and periodically monitor the state of the infrastructure or the mitigation actions carried out.

GUAITA software


Multi-user system

The tool has been designed as a multi-user system with different roles and permissions that allow detecting, reacting, repairing and reporting in a fast and flexible way.



The tool has been developed following the principle of "Security by Design" therefore the processes and data have security measures such as double factor authentication and encryption of inventory data.


Multiple deployment options

We provide the "as a Service" platform in the cloud or as a software package according to the needs of each client.

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