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Join our team and find a professional environment for developing innovative projects

By taking part in the program, you'll acquire values, abilities and skills complementary to the ones you'll acquire through your ordinary studies, which will help you in your professional future, boosting your innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

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Talent training program

inLab is a professional environment of innovative project development that incorporates the training of collaborators as a goal on its own.
This program, directed by Maria Ribera Sancho, associate director of the inLab FIB, aims to achieve comprehensive training for students as a supplement to their regular studies through both curricular and extracurricular activities.

Program goals


  • To contribute to the comprehensive education of students by complementing their theoretical and practical training.
  • To provide understanding of the appropriate work methods for the job positions they will occupy by contrasting and applying the acquired knowledge.
  • To encourage the development of technical, methodological, personal and collaborative skills, in accordance to the studies they are pursuing.
  • To obtain practical experience in order to ensure an easier access into the job market and improve their future employability.
  • To encourage the values of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • To reinforce the relationship between graduates and the institution.



Partnership program

The participation of companies in this program is organized through the sponsorship and collaboration in specific training projects aimed at the comprehensive training of students.

Recipients of the program

Students enrolled in any of the courses offered by UPC, especially students of the FIB (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate), or by the Centers affiliated to the university.
The internships will be organized through specific educational training programs that will take place at inLab FIB and may be completed in external organizations and companies participating in the program.


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Develop your talent with us

The main objective of the program is that the students involved acquire certain values, abilities and skills complementary to the ones obtained through their studies, boosting their employability as future processionals, fomenting their entrepreneurial, creative and innovative abilities, and responding to the commitment of economic transformation based on the knowledge society.


Professional environment

The internship will be organised through specific training programs, that will be carried out at inLab and it may be complemented in external national or international companies and entities.
The location of the workspace and the flexible schedule will facilitate balancing the ordinary studies with this program.

Economic aid for students

The training project will be free of charge for students.
It is expected to finance the participation of students with additional financial support, for example linked to their participation in the Research, Development and Innovation projects.


Students will be able to carry out part of their training in an institution or company abroad. They will also have easier access to international mobility programs.


The program will provide a professional tutor to each student that will assist in the development of their abilities and their personal growth.

Program duration

Collaboration of up to four semesters, depending on the studies that the student is undertaking and the specific training program.

Monitoring and evaluation

There will be a comprehensive monitoring of the evolution shown by the student throughout the program development and at its completion.

Recognition and accreditation

Students who successfully complete the program will receive as recognition, a document accrediting their collaboration. Additionally, their participation in the project will be recognised formally in the European Diploma Supplement and, eventually, as credits.

Degree or Master Final Project

This practical experience can lead to the Degree/Master/PhD Final Project that can be developed at inLab or at one of the companies or institutions involved in the program.

Sponsor the Talent program



Early recruitment

Recruitment of talented students form a prestigious informatics engineering school, facilitating the combination of their studies with the internship.

Customized training programs

Ability to prioritize training in specific technologies, abilities or competences according to the needs of the company.


In situ internship

Practical training for students before incorporating to the company. Part of the internship can be carried out at the company's headquarters.

RSC contribution and fiscal advantage

Contribution to the company's RSC policy.

Promoting entrepreneurship

Promoting the students entrepreneurship.

Participation in the training

Opportunity to participate in the training programs.

Uni-company collaboration

Facilitate the collaboration in R&D projects.

Visibility and promotion

Visibility and promotion of the company.


program sponsored by

Collaborators of the program

REDUCE the adaptation time into the companie's culture

IMPROVE the success ratio of new employees

RECRUIT talented graduates


The participation of companies in this program is organized through the sponsorship and collaboration in specific training programs aimed at the comprehensive training of students. Are you interested in participating or want more detailed information?

Training programs

The Talent training program academic director is the inLab's director, Dr. Josep Casanovas. This program comprises different specific training programs that are described in detail below.

The specific mission is to know the latest methodologies and tools for modeling, simulation and optimization of industrial processes, logistics and transport. And best practices for developing optimization models.

Academic Director: Toni Guasch, Jaume Figueras and Pau Fonseca
Professional Director: Marta Cuatrecasas and Albert Obiols

Specific advantages of the program for the student:

  • Methodology to approach a project to improve processes through simulation and / or optimization.
  • Modeling of discrete event systems.
  • Simulating models with programs like Arena, SIMIO or Witness among others. Experimentation and analysis of results.
  • Optimization models
  • Optimization tools for combinatory processes


The mission of this program aims to train students in the use of geographic data with emphasis on the different programs of geographic information management, on the development of specific software and on the different standard data formats. Also, the use of this information and systems for smart applications applied to cities (Smart-cities) are topics that will be addressed..

Academic Director: Lídia Montero and M. Paz Linares
Professional Director: Albert Obiols and Marta Cuatrecasas

Specific advantages of the program for the student:

  • Gaining knowledge in the representation of geographic information
  • Development of software that generates or consumes geographic information
  • GIS Integration in mobile and web applications
  • Knowledge on free mapping OpenStreetMap
  • Geospatial Databases



The specific mission is to able to identify the most appropriate techniques to extract the information contained in the data, to implement it using available software, and to interpret the results and integrate them into a system for decision making.

Acadmic Director: Ernest Teniente
Professional Director: Albert Obiols

Specific advantages of the program for the student:

  • Capacity to develop a computer system for automatic processing of data
  • Critical view of the results and their validity
  • Integration of the results into a system for making decisions such as Analytics
  • Learning how to use Business Intelligence tools for the graphical representation of information
  • Learning how to use data mining tools to find patterns in the data analyzed
  • Capacity to integrate Open Data information into the analysis


The specific mission is to learn about the latest tools for developing applications for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and other devices that use Mobile Apps and also to know all the elements to be considered for the implementation of these applications, such as security, accessibility, usability and integration of different technologies and tools.

Academic Director: Jaume Figueras
Professional Director: Albert Obiols and Rosa Maria Martín

Specific advantages of the program for the student:

  • Developing apps for one or more operating systems: Andoid, iOS, Windows Phone or multiplatform with HTML5
  • App Validation: Testing
  • App Security
  • Accessibility and usability in apps
  • App Distribution
  • Exploitation and profitability of mobile applications


The specific mission is to learn about the latest tools for developing web-based collaborative environments, as well as all the elements to be considered for the implementation of these applications such as security, accessibility, usability and integration of different technologies and tools.

Academic Director: Maria Ribera Sancho
Professional DIrector: Albert Obiols

Specific advantages of the program for the student:

  • Development of Information system with web technologies
  • Use and integration of social networks in collaborative environments
  • Environments and tools for development
  • Validation of applications: General and loading tests
  • Security, authentication and Single Sign On systems
  • Accesibility and usability of web applications
  • Configuration of Web and CMS applications


The specific mission is to learn about the concepts and the latest tools for managing ICT infrastructures: network, server management, virtualization, monitoring services, security and high availability.

Academic Director: Manel Medina and René Serral
Professional Director: Antonia Gómez

Specific advantages of the program for the student:

  • Installation, management and security of servers, network services and web applications
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Concept and tools for the management of network infrastructures
  • Using specific software for the deployment and configuration of systems
  • Installation, tuning and management of databases
  • Concepts and tools for the management and configuration of clusters, high availability and balancers of systems and services
  • Tools for risk management, audit and computer forensics.
  • Monitoring tools for systems, networks and applications
  • Management and installation tools for mail, distribution lists and spam control


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