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inLab FIB UPC is an innovation and research lab that specialises in developing applications and services using the latest ICT technologies, with over 30 years of experience collaborating in different projects and creating customised solutions for entities and public and private institutions.


Collaboration with companies
We collaborate with companies in several projects, sharing expertise and competence, achieving the best results in innovation, research and development of new technologies.
R&D multidisciplinary projects
We develop R&D projects and custom solutions, and integrate software specialised in our areas of expertise, encouraging knowledge and technology transfer.
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Cyber Security
Through the esCERT-UPC team, we carry out audits, forensic analyses, vulnerability management and other cyber security services, we also offer specialised training.
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Training, advice and consulting
We provide personalised training for companies in our fields of expertise. We also have a catalogue of courses that we give periodically at our installations.

Sponsor the Talent program
The sponsorship of the Talent program allows companies to take an active part in the training of the students, through collaboration in projects and financing.


Collaboration with companies

We develop custom solutions for our clients within our areas of expertise, following agile project management methodologies. We also collaborate with different companies, in a variety of projects. With these synergies we are able to enhance our experience in order to obtain better results.

We propose several ways of collaboration with other entities and companies.








Why inLab?

  • Technological independence and impartibility
  • Integration of young talents and experts with broad experience
  • Use of other UPC research groups’ knowledge
  • We provide flexible and customized solutions
  • Collaboration from FIB’s and UPC’s professors and departments
  • We comprise esCERT, the first Spanish center specialized to cybersecurity incidents

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