Simulation of the subdivision of paint into batches at the SEAT factories


The car manufacturer SEAT requested inLab FIB to develop a computer simulation to visualize the process of subdivision of paint into batches in the sectors P12 and P13 of the SEAT factory in Martorell.

With this tool tests can be performed to find the best method for optimal distribution of batches without requiring any changes to the factory system and thus reducing the economic costs.

Duration of the project 
January, 1997 - December, 1997
Benefits for the client 

Designing an embedded simulation system to evaluate the heuristics of sequencing batch of vehicles in the paint workshop.

Reduction of implementation system associated with:

  • A production of 480,000  vehicles per year.
  • Existence of bottlenecks and critical points.
  • Control problems.
  • Balancing (rebalancing) of assembly lines.
  • Environmental impact.
  • Heuristics of sequencing and balancing.
  • Embedded simulation system.
  • Experimental framework and analysis of results.
  • Significant increase of performance.
  • Significant improvement in the sizing of batches.
  • Interactive 2-D visualization.
Especificació SDL
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 
inLab Team 

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