Security and ICT Infrastructures

The specific mission is to learn about the concepts and the latest tools for managing ICT infrastructures: network, server management, virtualization, monitoring services, security and high availability.

Academic Director: Josep Ramon Herrero
Professional Director: Antonia Gómez

Specific advantages of the program for the student:

  • Installation, management and security of servers, network services and web applications
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Concept and tools for the management of network infrastructures
  • Using specific software for the deployment and configuration of systems
  • Installation, tuning and management of databases
  • Concepts and tools for the management and configuration of clusters, high availability and balancers of systems and services
  • Tools for risk management, audit and computer forensics.
  • Monitoring tools for systems, networks and applications
  • Management and installation tools for mail, distribution lists and spam control


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