Raspberry Pi, Kiosk Mode and much more


This project arises from the need to replace the old rapid access terminals (kiosk mode terminals) that the FIB used, the Sun Ray that were too old to update them.

We considered different options to carry out this project, replace them with old PCs or with another lightweight equipment that could be easily configured with kiosk mode. We opted for new lightweight equipment (Raspberry Pi boards) for its advantages regarding configuration, cost and energy use.

These quick access terminals allow FIB users to rapidly and easily access the Internet. The terminals don’t store information about the users’ data or history, so that navigation is private and there’s no risk of users accessing the information of others.

We have an article in our blog “Raspberry Pi, Modo Quiosco y mucho más” where we explain this project in greater depth.

Duration of the project 
December, 2015 to July, 2016
Benefits for the client 

Accés ràpid a la informació que vulguin consultar a Internet.


Plataformes de quiosc per la FIB

Raspberry Pi,
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 
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