This project is a preparatory technical feasibility study for technology and innovation projects.

In particular, this project studies the possibility of using QR codes in the food sector to provide the end customer with more information and content about the products he/she buys.

This study is structured around 4 major challenges, which are:

  • Nutritional challenge: communication of nutritional information (e.g. nutritional composition or allergens) on the product.
  • Environmental challenge: communication of environmental information (e.g. carbon footprint) about the product.
  • Immersive experience challenge: transfer of immersive multimedia content (e.g. 360º videos) about the product or its manufacturing.
  • Relational challenge: two-way communication between the customer and the company to improve their relationship and loyalty.

This study has required, as main actions, an analysis of the requirements of companies in the food sector in terms of the above challenges, an analysis of the current technologies/platforms to meet the above requirements, and the development of a platform proposal that, using these technologies, solves the different challenges raised.

The companies participating in this project are:

  • Clúster Foodservice: cluster that brings together the main companies in Catalonia in the food sector. It directs and coordinates the entire project.
  • Frit Ravich: food company. It acts as a company in the sector to identify the needs for the different challenges.
  • Casa Ametller: business group in the food sector. It acts as a company of the sector to identify the needs of the different challenges.
  • Alimentium: technology provider in charge of the nutritional challenge.
  • inèdit: technology provider in charge of the environmental challenge.
  • Eurecat Centre Tecnològic: technology provider in charge of the immersive experience.
  • inLab FIB - UPC: technology provider in charge of the relational challenge and the proposal of the platform that integrates the entire solution.
Duration of the project 
February, 2022 to December, 2022
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 
inLab Team 
  • Frit Ravich
  • Casa Ametller
  • Alimentium
  • inèdit
  • Eurecat

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