QBIC Support service for the internal teaching quality guarantee service


The QBIC project’s goal is to develop a system that generates questionnaires for the evaluation process of the programs and the courses’ teaching quality, by creating a system to collect evidence and visualize the information.

The proposed system will be based on indicators obtained from two different sources. On one hand, quantitative follow-up indicators (performance, success and satisfaction) extracted from student surveys, currently being used to evaluate the different degrees. On the other hand, a set of qualitative indicators about specific aspects of the subjects (teaching action and innovation, etc.).

inLab will develop the QBIC prototype, which will later be tested and checked by UOC consultants.

Duration of the project 
May, 2016 to September, 2016
LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability),
Project Manager 
inLab Team 
  • Seidor

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