Antoni Fonseca

Advisor on Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities

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Antoni Fonseca Casas

+34 628065022

Senior architect degree from the UPC Barcelona, he ​​has completed Industrial Engineering at UNED. Since 2005, he teaches Facilities, Ecology and Sustainability as a professor of the department of technology ESDAP (School of Design and Visual Arts School of Catalonia), at the headquarters EASD Deià Barcelona (headquarters of the Department of Education Consortium). Training Coordinator works as company manager and energy in Econova (online postgraduate training) together with the UPC and UB.

He has diploma and Professional Experience Project LEED certification obtained International 2011. Title Graduate ERCEA C ++ and SQL programming. Diploma Quality Management certification ISO 9001: 2008 Graduate specialization 'Rehabilitation in building', by the UPM. Training and Occupational Risk Prevention - Safety and health, by the UPC. Additional training in energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable materials, and recognized by the UPC sector entities.

Co-founder of the association ARS-project, Association for Research in Sustainability, with the aim of providing innovative solutions to social improvement and global environment by performing addressing the environmental, economic and social impact activities solutions. Participation in research projects and technological development.

His area of ​​expertise includes the design of structures for the building design, sustainable architecture projects, renewable energy, eco-friendly materials, national and international energy certification and optimization simulation software.

Currently, he is developing as a member of the research group SummLab and together with the inLab FIB, his PhD in Sustainability and Cooperation UPC specializing in sustainable building and cooperation on the optimization of energy and environmental efficiency building. Senior UPC.

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