The Opinion Research Center: Online statistics


The Opinion Research Center required inLab’s services to develop a web application to enable operations of consultation and analysis of the center’s data matrices. The tool is also meant to simplify the tasks of managing surveys and other data.

The Opinion Research Center is an autonomous organization of the Government of Catalunya under the Department of Economy and Finances. This center is in charge of the voting polls, the assessment of political leaders and parties. Furthermore, it controls the technical aspects of the studies other departments conduct, manages the Opinion Survey Register and publishes the results of their studies.

In order to allow them to achieve these objectives inLab has developed the following tools:

  • An information management tool for the following data:
    • Matrices associated to a survey.
    • Questions and answers of the survey.
    • The manager of response typology.
    • Specific data manager for the information associated to a certain topic.
  • An operation tool: through the integration of the R statistical program, basic statistical operations (mean, median, maximum, minimum, mode, and deviation) as well as more complex operations (segmentation, weighting, selection, recoding of variables, contingency tables and mean comparisons) can be performed on the matrices stored in the system.
  • An application to upload HTML questionnaires to the center’s website.
  • Feasibility study on the application of the opinion studies to artificial intelligence.
Duration of the project 
September, 2007 to July, 2010
Benefits for the client 
  • New focus of the Opinion Research Center, given that the information, that is the matrices, are public and visible on the web.
  • Online operations can be performed on the matrices through the R statistical program.
  • Simpler and more error-tolerant statistical processing of the data.
  • Question and answer repository.
  • Definition of functional requirements.
  • Design of the information system.
  • Development of the information system.
  • Validation of the system.
  • Integration with the ABAST information system and 10G Oracle Database.
  • Installation in the Centre for Telecommunications and Information Technology (CTTI) of the Government of Catalonia.
WebLogic Application Server,
Areas of expertise involved in the project 

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