This Sant Jordi we generate unique and digital roses with creativity and artificial intelligence

Wednesday 19 April 2023

#RosaUPC23 is presented on April 19, where the UPC offers this Sant Jordi the possibility to choose a digital rose or generate one of your own, from a drawing and an associated text.

On April 19, on the occasion of the day of Sant Jordi, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia - BarcelonaTech (UPC) offers with the initiative Roses UPC (#RosaUPC23), the possibility to create, share and send the image of a unique and digital rose formed by the union of computer science, creativity and artificial intelligence.

Each rose is initiated from a descriptive text and a drawing entered by the user, using the computer cursor or through the screen if done from the cell phone. It does not need to be a very elaborate drawing, it can be just a sketch or a trace of the figure.

In addition, you can change the width of the drawing or erase what has been done, before seeing an animation of the strokes that have been drawn and pressing the 'create rose' button, which begins the process of generating the rose with artificial intelligence.



The result of this process is formed from a deep learning generative model called ControlNet, which consists of neural networks and is based on the text-to-image model called Stable Diffusion. This model is designed to create images from a text and a simple drawing (Model and Original Code on GitHub), i.e., given an input text, it generates an image that matches the description of this text.

Finally, an image is generated, with one or several roses, which follows the shape of the sketch and tries to reflect the descriptive text. Once generated, a link is sent to the user's email address to view the finished rose, so that it can be shared and a dedication can be written to the person who wants to give it as a gift. 




Each rose created becomes part of the UPC Roses gallery, which can be shared via link, WhatsApp or Twitter, as well as downloaded and distributed freely, without commercial use, under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

Following last year's success (more than 7000 artistic roses generated with AI), InLab FIB has promoted the UPC Roses initiative with the UPCArts program and with the collaboration of the Communication Service of the UPC. On April 19 the program will be presented in the framework of Sant Jordi Digital at the UPC in 2023.

You can follow the best images that are being created through the Instagram profile RosesUPC and with the hashtag #RosaUPC23.


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