The inLab FIB wins the 24th UPC award for Quality in University Teaching 2021

Monday 31 May 2021

The inLab FIB Talent Program has won the 24th UPC Award for Quality in University Teaching 2021 in the category of Award for teaching initiative. The Talent program's mission is to achieve, through the curricular or extracurricular internships of the students, a comprehensive training of the student that complements that obtained with the ordinary follow-up of the studies, and is currently led by Professor Ernest Teniente, Director of inLab FIB and by Professor Maria Ribera Sancho, Head of the Talent Program and Associate Director of inLab FIB, both from the Department of Services Engineering and Information Systems.

The award is given by the Social Council of the UPC, in order to encourage excellence in the teaching function at the University. The jury of this edition has highlighted that “this teaching initiative constitutes a complementary program to studies, aimed at the FIB student and open to other UPC students, to facilitate comprehensive learning, by incorporating the student into a tutored professional work environment. This way, it promotes tskills in entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. The program combines the participation of academic and professional tutors and for the participating students the link with the studies is strengthened mainly through the final degree project, the final master's thesis or the doctoral thesis ". According to the jury, this initiative "has contributed to the projection of computer engineering studies, mainly in the areas of innovation, technology transfer and social recognition ".

The award would not have been possible without the work led for many years by Professor Josep Casanovas, Director of the inLab FIB until mid-2020, carried out by a large teaching team from different departments (Statistics and Operations Research, Engineering Services and Information Systems; Systems Engineering, Automation and Industrial Informatics; and Computer Architecture) and has had the fundamental participation of a team of professionals from the administration and services staff of the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona 

The Talent program has recently been recognized by the ACUP (Catalan Association of Public Universities) with one of the good teaching practices of Catalan universities (ACUP news). You can view a short video with the motivation for the creation of the program and a summary of the results achieved in: ACUP video.

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