Delivery of accreditations of the Program talent course 22-23

Thursday 24 November 2022

Ernest Teniente, director of inLab FIB, released the accreditations to the graduates of the Talent Program, within the framework of the academic act of the 2022-2023 academic year held last Friday, November 18. The students who have achieved this recognition are: Dídac Alsina Garcia, Marc Amorós Trepat, Aniol Carbó Marchuet, Arnau Casas Saez, Oriol Catasus Llena, Sergi Curto Panisello, Karol Djanashvili Tavdiash, Alexandre Gràcia Calvo, Pau-Sebastià Martín Galindo, Nahum Manuel Martin Vegas, Josep Daniel Medialdea Rosales, Armando Rodriguez Ramos, Víctor Sánchez Gassull, Sergi Vidiella Curto, Oriol Viladrosa Gonfaus and Eduard Pujol.

The inLab FIB incorporates training as an objective in its own mission through the Talent training program in which UPC students participate. The mission of the Talent Program is to achieve through the curricular or extracurricular practices of the students an integral formation of the student that complements the one obtained with the regular monitoring of the studies. Through the program, and thanks to the support of the sponsoring companies, students enjoy financial support and participate in the development of innovative projects in the ICT field improving their skills and competences with the support of professional tutors.

Talent accreditation is awarded to students who have participated for a significant time in the program.


Ernest Teniente, director of inLab FIB, during the academic act of course 2022-2023

Students in the Talent Program - Course 2022 - 2023


  • Total students tutored course 2022 - 2023: 43
  • New students at Talent: 20
  • TFG/PFC within Talent: 12
  • International students: 1
  • Industrial doctorates: 2
  • Graduates with Talent recognition: 15 Degree in Computer Engineering and 1 Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics




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