The Multi-environment Education Platform


The Multi-environment Education Platform (PME) project, carried out in collaboration with Telefonica, involves the development of a tool for publishing courses, activities and small applications within e-learning platforms, achieving a dynamic learning environment while respecting the SCORM model.

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a set of standards and specifications for creating structured teaching objects. The main requirements that this model intends to satisfy are:

  • Accessibility: access to learning components from a remote location through web technologies and distribute them among other places.
  • Adaptability: customization of the training according to the needs of individuals and organizations.
  • Durability: ability to withstand technology evolution without requiring a reinvetion, a reconfiguration or the rewriting of code.
  • Interoperability: being used in another location, with a different set of tools or other platform of learning components developed in a certain place and with a certain set of tools. There are many levels of interoperability.
  • Reusability: flexibility that allows the integration of learning components in multiple contexts and applications.
Duration of the project 
December, 2007 - June, 2008
Benefits for the client 
  • Capture of technical and functional requirements.
  • State of the art on SCORM standard, the specification and analysis of existing tools.
  • Design of the export unit.
  • Development and testing of the courses’ export systems.
  • Integration in the rest of the application.
  • Help and support during the pilot phase.
  • Arranging the beginning of production.
Microsoft .Net
Areas of expertise involved in the project 

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