MediaMòbil: Prototype game to show how TV and mobile converge


In 2005 phones, and in general, mobile devices were in a process of profound transformation. Far from the first devices that only met the needs of voice and text, new handsets included features like tracking systems (GPS), interactivity, and video players. Along with these technological developments, there is also an evolution in the use: MMPOG games (Massive Multiplayer Online Games), video on demand, Interactive Marketing, Rich IM on mobiles; these are the aspects the MediaMòbil project aimed to explore.

A prototype was established as a demonstration environment. This prototype was based on games that show the possibilities of convergence between mobile TV, advanced interaction capabilities, TV and video streaming on mobile and tracking systems.

inLab FIB was in charge of the coordination of the project and the study of peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies on mobile devices.

P2P is a type of network in which there is no fixed client or server, nodes can act both as client and server for the other devices in the network. Due to its characteristics, P2P optimizes the use of broadband by connecting users to each other.

Duration of the project 
October, 2005 to April, 2006
Benefits for the client 
  • Research on the real possibilities of these technologies.
  • Participating companies acquired the knowledge that allowed them to use these technologies effectively in the development of future products.
  • Middleware to interact in p2p networks.
  • Authentication routines to run in both paid environments and p2p.
  • Location middleware using both wi-fi and and mobile cells.
  • Interconnection routines with GPS, standard DVB-H and rights management.
  • Synthesis of all the technological results in a single element where the possibilities of this new generation of applications are made evident.
Areas of expertise involved in the project 

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