Management of Final Theses


Along the past few years, inLab FIB has been developing an application integrated in the Racó (school’s intranet) for the management of Final Projects at the FIB that speeds up the processes that up until now had to be made in person at the secretary’s office.

This new application for the management of Final Theses of the new Degree in Informatics Engineering adapts the previous application in order to support the evaluation of the theses according to defined guidelines and competence orientation.

This project consisted in formalizing the procedures defined by the Final Thesis Committee into an application that allows managing the entire process of the Thesis, divided in three main stages:

Publication of the thesis offers by professors so that students may sign up for them

Signing up to a thesis upon approval by the thesis director and the head of the specialization of the competences related to this thesis.

Management of the project once registered, which is the core of the application and it serves as a guide for students along every stage of their work.

  • Initial evaluation of the thesis within the subject Management of Projects
  • Submission of the follow-up report and evaluation by thesis director.
  • Submission of the main report of the thesis
  • Thesis evaluation board and evaluation by the thesis board with an automatic calculation based on the different evaluations of the thesis.
Duration of the project 
July, 2011 to December, 2012
Benefits for the client 

Having an application for the management of theses helps avoiding paperwork, traveling and in the particular case of the new Degree Final Thesis it allows calculating the mark based on previous evaluation guidelines avoiding errors and thus obtaining a fairer mark.

Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 

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