Management of Final Projects


The project for the management of final projects aims to optimize the administrative management of processes related to the registration and submission of the final projects’ reports.

The project was developed in different stages. The first stage was the development of the application for the management of Master’s project reports submissions. Using the experience gained in this first stage, we continued onto the development of applications for the registration phase of the project and the submission of monitoring reports and submission of  the reports of undergraduate engineering projects.

Both Masters’ project reports and undergraduate engineering project reports are automatically sent to the repository UPCommons of the UPC library in order to preserve and disseminate them.

This project represents very significant savings in paper and money for our students, in many cases they no longer must submit a copy of their final report in paper.

Duration of the project 
September, 2007 to September, 2008
Benefits for the client 

This project has benefits at many different levels:

  • At the administrative level, projects are easier to control and we save bureaucracy.
  • The student saves having to make copies of the reports on paper and distributed them in person to the offices.
  • Many resources are saved.
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Articles and Presentations 

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