GN6 ticket manager is used by many units of the UPC. Even though the idea is that users believe them tickets directly on the web, often the incidents come via e-mail and a technical TIC (the "dispatcher") is the one who manually must go introducing the tickets to the system.

Our system wants that mails sent to a certain address will automatically become tickets.

And going beyond the system could become smart enough to classify the incident to come directly to the resolver team, reducing the work of "dispatcher" and improving the process.

Duration of the project 
April, 2015 to April, 2016
Benefits for the client 

The process of troubleshooting will improve because ICT technicians should not enter manually tikets and have more time to resolve incidents.

On the other hand the user will not be forced to use the ticket tool, and he may use the preferred one, the mail or tiketing.

Project Manager 
Articles and Presentations 

This project has been presented as a Nexus 24 project and has been accepted.

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