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An SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) is a computer system made up of a set of resources (catalogs, servers, programs, data, applications, Websites…) dedicated to managing geographic information (maps, orthophotos, satellite images, toponyms…), available on the Internet, which satisfy a set of interoperability conditions (rules, specifications, protocols, interfaces…) that allow a user, who is working with a simple browser, to use and combine them according to their needs.

The Diputació de Barcelona, in compliance with the capacities assigned to it in terms of support to the local administration, offers a service aimed at the province’s town councils based on the implementation of local SDI geoportals, where the available resources can be found within their area of competence and facilitates compliance with the current legislation (INSPIRE directive and LISIGE transposition).

InLab implements these web portals of the town councils’ geographic information, in a dynamic and parameterized way, based on each council’s available resources in this area. These portals serve as an entry point to all SDI-related resources, such as map viewers, the metadata catalog, web geoservices, geographic information downloads and a gazetteer.

Duration of the project 
October, 2020 to January, 2021
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