LIVE-FOR (Criminal Justice Access to Digital Evidences in the Cloud – LIVE-FORensics)


Cybercrime and cyberterrorism are problems with a great social and economic impact worldwide. The investigation of related cases often involves obtaining digital evidence in several environments which are not always under the jurisdiction of the same country.

It is for this reason that the European directive 2014/41 / EU through the use of European Investigation Orders aims to facilitate the obtention of evidence among member states.

The LIVE_FOR project is one of the vehicles that will potentially bring knowledge and understanding of the new technologies being developed for carrying out digital investigation in the cloud. In addition, the LIVE-FOR project will investigate the current status of Directive 2014/41/EU implementation in the European Union (EU) member’s legislation, raise awareness of prosecutors and investigators about the new European tool for collecting cross-border digital evidence, establish a collection of best practices and training programs in the area of digital forensics.

However, the main goal of the project is to upgrade the competence of judicial authorities in the field of the EIO use and cloud forensics through several activities that include joint meetings, educational and training workshops, setting up of information centers, and provision of strong awareness and dissemination activities. The project team is also committed to encourage networking among all stakeholders in the area of the fight against cybercrime and cyberterrorism.

The partners of the project include universities and institutes from Belgium (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Spain (Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Autonomous University of Madrid), Germany (Fachhochschule Albstadt - Sigmaringen), Czech Republic (Masaryk University) and Slovenia (Jožef Stefan institute).

The project has been funded by the Justice Program of the European Union (2014-2020).






Duration of the project 
November, 2016 to January, 2019
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