Intercampus: Virtual Teaching of Elective Subjects


Intercampus is a joint project developed by Catalan universities supported by the Secretariat for Telecommunications and the Information Society of the Ministry of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Government of Catalonia. The aim of the project was to develop a pilot exchange programme for free elective subjects that are taught over the Internet.

Intercampus allows students from other universities to participate in the virtual teaching of a specific university and to communicate and receive information. The programme also coordinates administrative support and services between the student’s home university and the one offering the subject.

Intercampus began in the second four-month term of the 1999-2000 academic year. More than 600 students throughout Catalonia have studied Intercampus subjects.

Duration of the project 
March, 2003 to May, 2008
Benefits for the client 
  • Platform for the collaboration between different universities.
  • Different levels of access to the application depending on profiles.
  • Content management tool to simplify updates of the entire website.
  • Automatic assignment of places to pre-enrolled students.
  • Online surveys, messaging services and access to other information regarding the Intercampus subjects.
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 

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