Information system for the Carles Pi I Sunyer Foundation


The Carles Pi I Sunyer Foundation is a research, study and knowledge promotion center in the field of local government and autonomous regions. In order to manage their studies and polls more efficiently they contracted inLab to develop an information system to store and manage all their statistical studies and merge their studies’ data matrices. 

Establishing a relationship between variables in necessary to merge two of these matrices. We have developed a system that simplifies the process of relating variables using relationships between sets of questions. To accomplish this, the project was divided into two modules.

  • The first of these modules will allow users at the foundations to submit a series of questions to the system. The system will analyze these questions and will extract information on the questions that will be stored in a database.
  • The second module will read the information on the questions from the database and will display the resulting data to the user. This way the user may establish relationships between one question and another based on the wording. These relationships will be recorded in the database as well. This process generates so a stronger system with more and more information as it is being used, making it easier to establish a relationship between questions each time.
Duration of the project 
March, 2009 to April, 2011
Benefits for the client 

There are mainly three advantages for the client:

  • Business model analysis.
  • Centralized information system.
  • Standardisation of the process of merging data from different studies.
Areas of expertise involved in the project 

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