Grid-based Intrusion Detection and Response Environment


GIDRE is a project subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology involving the UPC and the University of Granada , with the aim of developing an execution environment detection network based on grid technology.

The project is divided into the following areas:

  • Develop a set of innovative tools to detect network anomalies caused by unknown distributed attacks .
  • Develope a decision support system based on the data analysis provining from mining and the shared resources that grid technology provides.
  • Better load balancing on grid working sensors.
  • Provide a robust network that allows early detection of all types of attacks received.
  • High availability even if the main console is affected
  • Use of IDS anomaly detection techniques (ADS).
  • Traffic capture and analize by using ADS
  • Create a reaction policy against the attack.
  • Distribution of this policy to the firewalls and external users.
  • Policy implementation (manual or automatic) to firewalls considering the critical services.

esCERT-UPC participates in the project with the University of Granada .

Duration of the project 
November, 2005 - November, 2008
Grid (Globus)
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 

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