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The renewal of the FIB website is a project promoted by the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona in conjunction with the inLab FIB and aims to provide a more modern, responsive website (adaptable to different devices), with a more visual design, and reorganizing the information to improve the user experience.

One of the tasks that required more time when making the new website was to reorganize and structure the contents. To carry out this task, a working group was created, consisting of PAS of the FIB and part of the dean team. This team, with the help of student interviews and their own experience, did a whole analysis of the old web, to see which aspects could be improved and / or done differently in the new web.

In the technical section, the content manager has been changed, previously Magnolia was used and now Drupal 7 is used with the Jollyness theme. This has involved designing specific templates for different types of content, training different publishers in new publishing tools, all the recommendations have to be taken into account so that the pages are indexed as well as possible (using different SEO techniques).

One of the main objectives that where set out was not only that the web did not have duplicate content in different sections, but all the information we already have available in the different information systems of the faculty or the UPCwas easily publishable to the web and it was not necessary to re-introduce it. That is why modules have been developed which provide the data of the schedules, subjects of the different study plans, teaching guides, final projects of career, etc. through the new API of the FIB 2.0.

The new website of the FIB was published and presented on March, 8th 2017 during the presentation of the 40th FIB's anniversary.

Once published the web we considered the project finished, however the inLab is also in charge of its maintenance and continuous improvement.

Duration of the project 
November, 2015 to March, 2017
Benefits for the client 
  • Web responsive, with a design according to the present
  • Friendly editing tool
  • Automatic publication of the content available in other information systems
Web Services,
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
  • Most of the PAS of the FIB and the dean team participate in this project, either because they have been part of the team or because they are the editors of the web.

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