Modeling, simulation and optimization

In this area of expertise, we have the necessary knowledge and technological capability for the realization of viability studies and system upgrades by means of modelling and simulation tools for discrete events and the optimisation of the industrial and logistic processes that define them.

inLab FIB works in the study and evaluation of the tools and methodologies that better adjust to the problems of these systems in order to give an effective answer to the needs of companies, industries and entities. inLab FIB has collaborated and is currently collaborating with various companies and industries located in Catalunya, and the rest of Spain, that need to improve their productivity or solve other difficulties related to the management of human, materials and/or temporary resources.

Simulation also allows to study and predict future behaviour in different fields, as well as improve the current one. At inLab we are experts in social simulation, this allows for the study of demographic phenomena such as migrations or other population dynamics, where the interaction between people has significant weight, and simulate which will be their evolution in time based on a series of socioeconomic factors. This is an emergent and multidisciplinary line of research that utilises agent technology and HPC systems.

The management and prediction of emergency situations is a strategic research field in the US, Japan and many European countries. inLab FIB has developed many projects in this line.

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Smart City Expo World Congress 2016

Barcelona saw yesterday, 15th of November, the opening of the sixth edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC).

As in the previous congresses, inLab FIB is an active participant in this event. Besides the presentation of various projects, we also take part in the event as moderators in different sessions.

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Lidia Montero Mercadé, transport and smart mobility researcher at inLab FIB and associate professor of the UPC, has been awarded with the prize "Mujer y Gestión del Tráfico", that the Asociación

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IoT: New Business paradigm for SMEs? - IoTSWC side event

PRESENTATIONS AVAILABLE - “IoT: New business paradigm for SMEs?”, is the IoT Solutions World Congress side event organized by inLab FIB and the BIG IoT project. Which focused on new business paradigms based on IoT implementation in industry, services and daily life of citizens.

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