Services and Software Engineering

Engineering services is focused on the improvement and innovation activities in the economic sector of services, understood in a broad sense, through the application of scientific and technical knowledge gathered around a multidisciplinary environment. However, the momentum and the emphasis in this area of ​​expertise is in the fields of computer software engineering and information systems, among other reasons because the computer plays a decisive role in improving services. In the context of this discipline as important for the industry in our country and in particular the industry 4.0

The inLab is especially expert in all matters relating to:

  • Semantic ontologies
  • Semantic Data
  • Integration Interoperability and system integration
  • Engineering services and business processes
  • Requirements engineering
  • Modeling and information processing
  • Web information systems and technologies
  • Big data and cloud software
  • Internet of Things
  • Agile development

The knowledge and expertise acquired in this area is widely used in research, innovation and development carried out by the inLab, either as contracts or agreements with companies competitive advantage, but also to conduct training courses in business all these issues

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On November 16, 17 and 19 the HackEPS was held, a hackathon organized by the University of Lleida and sponsored by Semic, BonÀrea,

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The inLab FIB UPC will be present at the IoT Solutions World Congress that will be held in Barcelona, from 3 to 5 October at the Gran Via.

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26 Jun 2017

HackPrague 2017

presentacio projecte hackprague

Durante el fin de semana del 17 y 18 de Junio se llevaba a cabo la primera edición de la HackPrague y como no, algunos miembros de la inLab no podían faltar. El grupo formado por Eduard MauraJuan SalmerónSergio ParedesJuan José Vázquez y Marc Vila viajaron el jueves de la misma semana hacia la capital de la República Checa para asistir a este evento.

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