EVALOE_SSD (Decision Support System)


In the CLOD (Communication, Oral Language and Diversity) group of the University of Barcelona, coordinated by Dr. Marta Gracia, she was awarded a grant for the project "Support Systems for Decision Making (SSD) teachers and the development of The linguistic competence (speaking and listening)" in the call "Projects EXCELLENCE and CHALLENGES Projects "of 2015 of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

The aim of the CLOD group is to study the teaching and learning processes of oral language in diverse contexts, especially the school context.

This project is the evolution of several projects developed by this research group, in particular an evolution of the Assessment of Oral Language teaching (EVALOE, 2015).

EVALOE is a useful tool for teachers, specialist teachers, speech therapists, psycho-pedagogues, counselors, among others, to reflect on the teaching and learning procedures of oral language in different subjects, and how these influence the communicative and linguistic behavior of students. It is understood that this reflection, which has a self-evaluation and is promoted from discussion groups or collaborative work, is the key element to plan proposals for improvement of teaching action in all curricular areas.

EVALOE consists of two parts:

  • Scale of observation divided into five subscales. Each of these subscales contains items (questions) related to teachers and students with three response options (1,2,3)
  • A protocol that includes 30 questions in order for an adviser and a teacher to have a semi-structured interview with the objective of reflecting together on the aspects previously analyzed.

This project includes the development of a system that facilitates the realization of the interview proposed by the EVALOE tool, semiautomatize the reflection, and give the appropriate recommendations according to the result.

Duration of the project 
June, 2017 to June, 2018

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