E-guides is a tool aimed to answer the following student's (or prospective students) of the UOC question: Given my education and experience, what kind of work could I do?

This tool will offer students, graduates (or prospective students) information about their current employment opportunities and possible developments with a comparative table between what they can offer professionally (their resume) and the real working market in their scope and sector. The user of this service will get a very accurate image of his resume and will be able to see the sectors or occupations in which he has a place and even his knowledge and skills lacks to achieve a certain professional image development. It is, therefore, an instrument that adds value to the user while conforming as a business tool because it allows us to prescribe the information that suits the individual according to his professional interests and motivations.

InLab is responsible for developing the e_Orienta prototype that will subsequently be tested and proven by the UOC's consultants.

Photo credit: Yolanda DeLoach, under CC license

Duration of the project 
July, 2015 to October, 2015
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