Efficiency improvement in the painting plants of Nissan Motor Iberica


Nissan Motor Iberica aims to improve the efficiency of its factory in the Zona Franca. For this, they need to determine what the optimal sequence of input of cars in the painting plant is. InLab has provided them with a tool that has helped them to achieve this objective.

The regulation of painting plants is essential since if this plant is out of a car model that is on demand, the following plant can not work with this model and there is a production loss. The same way, if the painting plant is full, the previous plant has to stop production as well.

In order to carry out this project a simulation model of the painting plant was developed so that delays on the existing sequence could be calculated. Subsequently, these data were used to obtain the optimal sequence that regulates inputs and outputs of the painting plant more efficiently.

This is a complex task due to the combinatorial nature of the problem. This problem appears especially in multimodel factories in which the flow of different models partially share the same assembly lines.

Duration of the project 
January, 2004 to December, 2004
Visual Basic for Applications,
Simulador Arena en temps real,
Xarxes de Petri
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 

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