Data Fusion of a Health Survey


The aim of this project is to obtain prediction models for the main health risk factors and for Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes for the whole population, and provide an estimate for the entire Health Survey dataset. Data fusion methodology was applied to enrich the 2006 Health Survey of Catalonia, from a small examination-based sample providing objective measurements of the main health risk factors.

In collaboration with IDESCAT (Statistical Institute of Catalonias) for the Catalan Health Institute of the Government of Catalonia.

Duration of the project 
January, 2010 to July, 2012
Benefits for the client 

To obtain prediction models for the main risk factors (Blood pressure, Glycemia, Cholesterol, BMI) as well as Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, and more accurate estimates of these diseases in the Catalan population.


Data integration of two independent datasets.

Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 
  • Josep Daunis i Estadella
Articles and Presentations 

Tomàs Aluja, Josep Daunis and Yan Hong Chen. Enriching a Large Scale Survey from a Representative Sample by Data Fusion: Models and Validation Survey Data Collection and Integration. Davino, Cristina; Fabbris, Luigi (Eds.). ISBN 978-3-642-21307-6. Springer 2012.

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