Web app development: practical vision of AngularJS

Angular is an open source JavaScript framework that is used to create and maintain single-page applications (SPA).

This kind of applications is mainly based on the access to an API RESTful with a server, avoiding the reloading of the page we are navigating.

It is necessary to define how these communications are made, manage the resource list, the object model, and the actions on each of the resources, and to integrate and synchronise these resources with the application’s views, all within the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm that is used in AngularJS.

The resource management causes events that need treating, so that different parts of the application (and their controllers) can react without needing observers.

The main goal of this educational activity is to go deep into the development of web apps using AngularJS, emphasising on the data management and the verification.

The requirements for the course are: basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, and notions of CSS and Bootstrap.

  1. Implementation of RESTful services: the collection and the services.
  2. Events: how to notify changes between different components of an SPA.
  3. AngularJS testing: how to use the tools that Angular provides to verify the well-functioning of our apps.
Benefits for the students 
  • Getting to know in depth the treatment of RESTful services by means of complete services.
  • Learning to manage events and subscriptions that share data with the services of RESTful implementation.
  • Creating tests of the components to allow a continuous integration or TDD.
To whom it is addressed 
  • Web app developers and IT project managers.
  • Informatics or Telecommunication students who want to widen their knowledge in this area.
  • Any professional that, fulfilling the course requirements, is interested in broadening their theoretical and practical knowledge on the development of geo-applications with AngularJS.

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