Network Auditing Expert

Computer networks are susceptible to receive attacks. Regular network audits provide important information about the security level of the different assets that are available.

In this context, should know the methodologies necessary to keep systems protected at all times.

During the course of testing methods work based OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) protocol security audit at all levels: network, telephony, presence, databases, servers, ...

If the student has no knowledge of computer security it is recommended to take the course Computer Security Introduction before this.

  1. Introduction
  2. Common vulnerabilities
  3. Vulnerability Management
  4. Information gathering
    • LAB 4.1: FOCA
  5. Network Scanning and enumeration
    • LAB 5.1: OpenVas
  6. Manual Analysis
    • LAB 6.1: BadStore
  7. Vulnerabilities Exploiting
  8. Post-exploiting
Benefits for the students 
  • Develop the ability of auditing and detecting risks from informatics threats in all types of organizations and contexts.
  • Get recognized Accreditation in Network Security Manager, issued by inLab FIB once fulfilled the other requirements.
  • Understand and apply the main methods in computer security audit, to determine security levels and keep systems protected.
  • Know the major vulnerabilities in security software, its operation and post operation.
  • Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge highly valued by the market and the IT departments of all types of public and private organizations.
To whom it is addressed 
  • Managers and technical IT security of all types of organizations who want to keep abreast of the challenges in computer security audit in a context of high vulnerability.
  • Telecommunications and Informatics Students who wish to target their career in the area of ​​computer security.
  • Any professional, fulfilling the requirements of minimum knowledge, interested in expanding their theoretical and practical knowledge on an important topic as computer security.

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