Introduction to Android mobile app development

The knowledge of programming mobile apps has gone from being just another thing to know to being a necessity, due to the rapid implantation and evolution of mobile platforms.

This rapid evolution creates uncertainty over which technologies are the most appropriate for mobile programming. One of the most widely implanted architecture is the one provided by the Android system.

This course will be an introduction to Android system programming, but it will also put emphasis on multi-platform development environments. To be able to provide decision tools to decide how to program certain types of apps.

The main goal of this educational activity is to learn to develop Android apps and the interaction with the cell phone’s resources.

There will be an initial introduction of the group of technologies that form Android, and the analysis of each one of its components separately and how they interact in order to develop applications.

The requirements of the course are: basic knowledge of programming and Java, and also notions of Android from a developer’s point of view.

  1. Mobile app development. Multiplatform environments and native environments.
  2. The Android app, basic components, lifecycle and guarantee of functioning.
  3. Information storage, management and access to files (internal and external). Synchronisation.
  4. Sensors: examples of use of the accelerometer and the geo-localisation.
Benefits for the students 
  • Getting to know the functioning of Android apps.
  • Getting to know the functioning and the minimal theoretical base to access the cell phone’s resources and sensors.
  • Deciding when and how is necessary to develop a multiplatform or native app.
  • Developing an Android app capable of using the cell phone’s sensors and resources.
To whom it is addressed 
  • Web app developers and IT project managers.
  • Informatics or Telecommunication students who want to widen their knowledge in this area.
  • Any professional that, fulfilling the course requirements, is interested in broadening their theoretical and practical knowledge on the development of geo-applications with AngularJS.

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