Guided routes creation

The aim of the course is to provide to the students an overview of different tools and techniques that exist nowadays to generate tours and that can be distributed to general public via Internet.

At the end of the course the student should be able of selecting the tools that suits best, depending on a specific goal and set their own routes. He must be able to determine the limitations of existing tools and how they can replace these limitations from custom development, being able to define the requirements that the application should have.

No specific knowledge is required.

  1. What is a GIS?
    1. Description of the principal concepts related to the GIS (coordinate systems, storage format, etc).
    2. Description of the main tools GIS.
  2. What is a route?
    1. Review of the concepts related to the capture of geographical information.
    2. Elements that constitute a route: track, waypoint, etc.
    3. Formats for storing geographic information on a PC.
    4. Augmented reality.
  3. Tools to manage routes on a PC.
    1. Payment tools
    2. Free tools and freemium.
    3. Custom applications.
    4. The publication process.
  4. Maps available.
    1. ICC, Google, Bing, Yahoo.
    2. OSM, changing the rules.
  5. Examples of custom development.
    1. Best castles of Baix Gaià, guided tours of Castle Olèrdola.
    2. CityWalking, SportTraces.
    3. SITSUM, Geoportal.
Benefits for the students 
  • Learn to create routes in order that could be distributed across Internet and used by others.
  • To develop the critical aptitude to be able to determine the limitations of the current tools.
  • Develop the ability to select the right tools for each case.
  • Developing the ability to use OSM for the generation of guided tours.
  • Develop the ability to understand the different formats for exchanging geographic data.
To whom it is addressed 
  • Qualsevol professional que estigui interessat a ampliar el seu coneixement teòric i pràctic en el desenvolupament i publicació de rutes.
  • Web application developers who want to incorporate geographic component.
  • Engineers, architects, geographers and professionals who want to expand their knowledge in this area.
  • Any professional who is interested in extending his theoretical and practical knowledge in the development and publication of routes.

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