Computer Security Accreditation

Architecture Accreditations by architecure

  • Critical Infrastructure Security Manager Accreditation
    This accreditation focuses in the analysis of potential threats and the necessary security management on strategic environments in different points of view such as incident response or vulnerability testing of possible alerts. 

  • Mobile Security Manager Accreditation

    Mobile devices are ubiquitous and one of the foundations of communication and storage of most organizations . Knowledge of safety in related devices ( phones, sensors, RFID , etc. ) allow to minimize threats related to malware or poor configuration and upgrade tools available to react to new attacks .

  • Network Security Manager Accreditation

    This accreditation provides students with the necessary knowledge to manage information on users networks and servers securely, implementing the most appropriate policies in each case and knowing the monitoring processes and responses that suit the different risks.

Security Cycle Accreditation

  • Senior Monitoring Accreditation

Proper monitoring and security event correlation enables increased security updates and reducing resources necessary to detect threats. During the courses that conform this accreditation the student will explore different methodologies applied to wired networks, wireless and ubiquitous systems.

  • Auditing Senior Accreditation

Knowledge about audit methodologies on different network devices allow to perform a better analysis of the protective measures deployed, identify vulnerabilities consequence of these and identify the associated risks.

  • Senior Forensics Accreditation

During the courses that comprise this accreditation students will be trained in various aspects of the device forensics and malware that may be present in different working environments, from desktop computers of schools to in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) of critical infrastructures.


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