The objective of this project is to create a Chatbot (communication channel) that allows UOC teachers and students to personalize their academic activities according to the competences and learning objectives.

In the case of being a student the Chatbot will propose exercises (QUIZZ, questions, test, etc.). Depending on the subjects you are enrolled and the teaching skills that are associated with the subjects you have enrolled. To do this, we have as base an academic assessment recommending (assessment) developed by MIT, an UOC API that facilitates student information, and an ontology in MC3 that relates the subjects with the skills that are acquired at each subject.

In the case of being a teacher the Chatbot will offer tools that facilitate the creation of QUIZZ or test for the subjects.

This Chatbot will integrate in 3 different environments:

  • Within one of the NIU learning resources. The NIU is a mosaic-like structure that allows the student to see what the activity has to resolve and what are the learning resources proposed to solve it.
  • Inside a Moodle classroom
  • Inside the Slack communication tool

This project is carried out within the collaboration framework of the DxTera Instiute (non-profit American university consortium) where the UOC will join

The inLab FIB together with SEIDOR are in charge of developing the communication channel and integrating it within the different UOC resources.

Duration of the project 
April, 2018 to September, 2018
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Areas of expertise involved in the project 
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inLab Team 

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