Bulk e-mail sending application


Web application that allows sending bulk email messages in plain text or web page format.

Using this application they user may set the sender's return address, subject, recipient list, the message body and attachments.

The application is accessible to staff members of the Management and Services of the FIB and heads of the school.

It can be used for sending mailings of important businesses to certain groups for which there is no mailing lists or for example, or for sending bulletins of "I LOVE BITS" in HTML.

Duration of the project 
May, 2009 to October, 2009
Benefits for the client 
  • Decentralized management of mass mailing.
  • Reduces how long users take between the time necessity for mass mailing arises and the time it has been executed since it can be done by themselves.
Areas of expertise involved in the project 
Project Manager 

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