UPC's ICT services Day 10th edition

Submitted by Anna Mascaró on Mon, 07/11/2016 - 14:14

UPC’s ICT services Day will take place for the tenth year in a row, on this anniversary it will focus on innovation and the enhancement of ICT at the UPC.

Next Wednesday, November 9th, at 9.30 h, Josep Lluís Larriba, from the Computer Architecture Department, will open the event by giving the talk “Innovation at UPC”.

As every year, the event will involve several seminars and poster expositions. inLab will once again take part in this act of technologic promotion and innovation. Sandra Marsà, Antonio Rodríguez and Carles Llobet will present projects from inLab’s ASAC area and Mari Paz Linares will introduce another project from the ADEPT area. Albert Obiols, head of the Information Systems and Academic Management Area (ASIG) at inLab, is a member of the organisation team.

These projects will be presented with posters during the collaborative breakfast that will mark the middle of the event.

  • BIG IoT - Bridging the Interoperability gap of the Internets of Things, presented by Mari Paz Linares. She will discuss the BIG IoT European project, in which inLab takes part, its goal to ignite vibrant Internet of Things ecosystems.

    Poster BIG IoT

  • Raspberry Pi 3 for kiosk mode, exhibited by Sandra Marsà, who will explain one of the most recent projects of inLab’s ASAC area, in which the SunRay terminals used for quick consults at the computer rooms have been replaced by Raspberry Pi.

    Poster Raspberry Pi

  • Catalogue of esCERT's 2016 new tools for UPC, where Antonio Rodríguez, responsible of esCERT, and Carles Llobet, will present the new security tools developed during this past year.

    Poster esCERT

You can follow the event through the event’s official Twitter account (@JornadaTICUPC) or through UPC TV's live transmission.

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