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The Industrial PhD program is a strategic initiative promoted by the Generalitat of Catalonia, in co-operation with Catalan universities, public and private, which aims to contribute to the competitiveness and internationalization of Catalan companies promoting the development of R+I+D projects with high added value and the PhDs integration to business. The key element of this program is the industrial PhD project. It’s a strategic research project within the company where the doctorate studies will develop his research training, in collaboration with a research group at a Catalan University and, once completed, will be the subject of a PhD thesis.

Currently, within the framework of this program, inLab FIB is collaborating in the development of these industrial PhD, co-directed by the professors Josep Casanovas and Joan A. Pastor. The project, carried out by the student Felix Sanchez, falls within the scope of business models and enterprise architectures for the integration and development of information systems within organizations of higher education. In particular, focuses on the development of new instruments and multilevel methods – at the style of maturity models or CMM competence – for assessing and monitoring levels of maturity from university Internal Quality Assurance Systems (IQAS), with the aim of encouraging them and facilitate their improvement and eventual certification. The project is carried out jointly with the company SBS Seidor, with the tutoring of Baptista Borrell, director of his Learning Services business unit.

You can learn more in the article of the Catalan journal

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