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Submitted by Karol Djanashvili on Thu, 26/03/2020 - 08:56


Kaggle is a free platform that offers users a number of problems to solve with topics such as data science, predictive analysis and machine learning. Kaggle users are from all over the world, it currently has over one million members, known as "Kagglers" where more than 536,000 members are active.


The competition creator is responsible for preparing the dataset and giving a detailed description of the problem to be solved. Once the problem is published the contestants submit their models which will be shared on the platform, immediately scored and summarized in a live dashboard. At the end of a competition period, the host will have a royalty-free license to the winning entry.


A dataset is a collection of data on any topic. A dataset can be interpreted as a data structure and is usually a table. All columns in the table represent a given variable and each row corresponds to a particular record in the data set in question. The following image is an example of a part of the challenge dataset created to find solutions for Covid-19:



Among the thousands of datasets that we have found, a competition for analyzing a Covid-19 related dataset has recently been published in Kaggle, the CORD-19 is called a dataset, and includes more than 44,000 academic articles on Covid-19, the SARS-CoV-2 and related coronaviruses.



Kaggle makes the environment competitive by awarding prizes and rankings for winners and participants. Prizes are generally monetary, but may also include benefits such as a job position or free products of the company that organizes the competition. In the following image you can see two current competitions with their prizes.


The Kaggle platform is a great way to start learning more about artificial intelligence and can really become an expert in the field after participating in any of their competitions. It is noteworthy that by analyzing different datasets, in the end one learns about the topic that is being discussed more deeply and can collaborate in scientific research from the comfort of home. The practice made the teacher and, in this case, is what the Kaggle platform offers us, practice through competitions and datasets until the subject is mastered.

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