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Submitted by Anna Casas on Fri, 17/04/2015 - 13:04
Jordi Montero Mentor al Barcelona Smart City App Hack

Jordi Montero of inLab FIB part of the group of experts who will guide and support participants of Barcelona Smart City Hack App.

App Smart City Hack is an international project led by Barcelona seeking digital solutions for smart cities, it will work on five areas: urban transport, energy and sustainability, culture and tourism, commerce and shopping and collaborative city.

The aim is that people who want to change things , and creative developers merge experiences, knowledge and ideas with technological capacity to create mobile applications that make Barcelona a bespoke smart City.

How is organized?

Participants can be part of a working group which will come together developers, designers, experts and citizens. Each group will have the help of mentors, who will accompany them throughout the process, from the initial idea to the final application.

Where and when?

April 18 will take place at the Ateneu de Fabricació de Les Corts, the Hack Session, it will be a day of talks and workshops to form teams to work on ideas and apps creators contact with mentors and experts.

The competition format will be hack-at-home and online. During the Smart City Expo World Congress will be held the Gala Final, which will present the winners.


Barcelona Smart City App Hack

Mentor Jordi Montero

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